Friday, April 4, 2008

What are printies??

Thanks to my new friend at, I now know what printies are!! She has lots of book covers to share, and some beautiful Doll magazine covers!! And if you google printies, you will find more to print. I am sorry I don't have exactly where I got these from, but this is what you do with them. I even found a pattern for the bag, and made a bunch with K on them to go in the store.

I even found a few for the art studio....

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Anonymous said...

Katie, I know you're hooked. Once you start, it's so much fun to make all those groceries and things! Thanks to some online author friends, I made a Miniature Bookshelf with all kinds of fiction book covers at, click miniatures and see link under how to's. Don't forget to look at both pages.
Chris Verstraete