Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Package

The stuff I ordered for my birthday from HBS came today!! The kitties are first. They all represent the kitties I currently have~ Jd (the black one), Otis (the orange one), and Pocus (the big gray one). Pocus needs to be painted brown (instead of gray), but the shape was perfect! I have a picture I am going to have to find for you~ Jd and Otis are in almost the same position as I have them pictured here.

Ohhhh....I love my lamp~ It has a dragonfly on it!! And I love dragonflies!!!!!!
I ordered a couple of dish sets to fill the big cabinet below. I now have several sets, so I can mix and match!
And this set below will go on a tray on the bed. My bagel will go on the plate~ hopefully it fits, lol.
The cabinet on the left will house all the china, and the shelf to the right will house junk~ books and boxes and such.

OK, although I really like the knomes~ they really need to be repainted. They are almost scary. Their cheeks look like they've been covered in blood. I'm going to have to repaint their cheecks in a nice rosy-red color before they go in the garden.

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