Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pink Bedroom

I am getting rather impatient, and losing a bit of the umph I need to finish the outside of the house. So, last night, I took out some of the things that will go into the bedroom and 'played'. I made a bunch of mats for my pictures this past week. You can see one in the bottom right corner~ it's The Natural Bridge, in Virginia, in case your wondering. I figured since this room has no windows, I was going to need some pictures of the outside to hang on the walls. I colored copied a piece of scrapbook paper, shrunk it down on the computer, and used the printed papers to cover the mats. I still need to finish putting together the little white frames that will go on these. But, I think it is coming together well!!

And then today, I finally got up the courage to redo the bed. I pulled off the old material, and used it as a pattern. (I plan on keeping that material to make a pillow) OK, so I totally cheated and glued it together, but I like it. I started to do a bedskirt, I even sewed the whole thing by hand, but once I got it on there, I really didn't like it. Then, nothing seemed to please me, so I decided to put it away until tommorrow. We shall see what happens.

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