Monday, May 26, 2008

My 1st Trade

I did my first trade here recently.......and it was so much fun! Chris from Candid Canine wanted some cakes, and I wanted some spooky we each made 3, and swapped! We each also included a few extra things in our boxes. She uses Model Magic, and I use polymer clay. Here are the plants that were made for me. The one on the left is too funny! The one on the right is a mandrake.And here is Frankenstein.....You may call him Frankie. Isn't he the cutest!!! And she even made a bone for him!! Here is what I sent......I made 4 cakes, cause I wasn't all that inpressed with one. But I have learned that sometimes what some people hate, others may love. And speaking of lovin'~ I almost didn't send the cake with the pumpkins on top~ it turned out so well!! I still have to make one for myself!! The cake in the middle is a 3 teir chocolate cake, coved in roses and liles. The color of it is much better in person, but at least you can see all the details! The yellow cake is a wedding dress cake~ it's suppose to look like a wedding dress~ but with flowers instead of a head.
And then there is the teddybears. Her favorite color is yellow, so she got a yellow bear. The other one was suppose to be a dashouhd, but somehow arrived as a I guess I gotta work on that a little....LMAO!!! All in all this was a fun way to meet someone new and trade great gifts of talent!! Thanks again, Chris!!

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