Sunday, May 4, 2008

You back yet?

OK, So after I got my package from Chris (remember you just came back from checking her stuff out at, I had to find a 'home' for for my new treasures. I had planned on doing a poetry reading cafe, but can't figure out how to get everything I want into the box. We'll see what happens. The 'room' is a box I bought at Michael's, I'll have to remember to take a before picture next time~ or at least save the label that was on the box!! I plastered the walls to give them depth, and painted it black. Then, I painted it purple. I bought 2 $1 cabinets from Michael's, painted the other one first, to only realize that everything I wanted to put in it, didn't fit. LOL.... So, now have 2 green cabinets. The cabinet is much brighter in the picture than it looks in person; however, I do want to 'age' it a little more.

The floor is a piece of black foam board, painted in a purple checker-board pattern.

And here are the handles of the box. I am still thinking about how to cover these holes up, but haven't decided exactaly what I want to do. I am leaning towards making some long, black, velvet?, curtains for each side. Or a giant picture to cover them, or maybe mirrors?? Who knows~ I'll have to sleep on it! And don't worry, in this picture, the walls are only halfway done.

Well, hopefully I can get back to Katie's Corner before it starts to collect dust. Let's see if I can get both projects done before the end of May. Encouragement and ideas will be greatly appreciated!!

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