Thursday, May 29, 2008

Name that miniature..

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite minis with you. These treasures are probally what started it all. I don't have much information to offer you about them, if you know more, please fell free to share!! On the bottom of each is a sticker marked made in Scotland, and we lived in Scotland when I was little. I have no idea where we got them, all I know is that I've always had them. They are about 25+ years old. I have more, somewhere around here.......packed away so I don't lose now if I could only remember where I put them....terrible!

The first picture is of a badger and a mole. 2 of my favorites!! Below is a mouse with the toadstool, and a cat looking at what used to be a mouse. that I'm looking at it, I see there was once a mouse, it must of gotten broken now there's a spot where the mouse used to be....but his tail is still intack~ almost looks like the cat might of eaten the mouse?!Here is the cat with a quater, you can see that the minis are slightly bigger.
Now, I know where these came from. I got one at our annual Christmas craft show every year. My Mom took me every year as a kid. I learned a lot from walking around and looking to see what other artists were doing. There used to be a dollhouse booth at the shows, too. I sure do miss that booth now! I don't know why I had to have these as a kid, but we'd look for them! I just like the little things in life, and they're considered pottery, another favorite of mine! I'm not sure of the artists name, but the initals CKH are marked in the bottom of each one.

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