Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome to Frankie's Place

It seems that all I needed was a little bossing around, and I got the cafe done. I named it Frankie's Place after Frankenstein, the dachshund near the chair. Chris from Candid Canine made him for me, and I think he's the cutest! Actually, she made all the stuff on the table, the framed picture on the wall, the cat bag, the spooky plants, the crystal ball (it almost looks like it is glowing) in the cabinet, and she sent the little picture in front of the cabinet. She's also suggested the name. OK, now that I gave her credit for everything she made, I can talk about what I did to complete this scene. (I guess you'll notice that it isn't completly done....I have left some room in the cabinet for future findings.) Let's see.... I made the 2 pumpkins on top of the cabinet out of polymer clay. I also made the pumpkin teapot inside the cabinet out of polymer clay. There is a Dracula and a Frankenstein book on the floor; I made these as well. And before I forget, I must to tell you about the kitty on the chair. His name is Victor. As you can see, Victory likes to harass Frankenstein. And although he drives that little dachshund crazy, the two are inseparatable!!
Thought you's like to see a close up of the table! Anybody hungry for a finger sandwich?

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