Monday, May 12, 2008

RIP Cora's house

Due to some new medicine, this week hasn't been very productive. I have been working on some small projects, but have not worked on Katie's Corner or the Halloween cafe.......BTW~ the cafe needs a name~ any ideas out here?? And then this past week, Cora's house finally took a turn for the worst. Due to the fact that our 'healthy' cat likes to sit on it, he has finally managed to cave the roof in. Over the weekend, I tried to glue it back together, but due to the old glue and the dust bunnies, I wasn't very successful.

I finally just ripped the whole roof off, and walked away. I really don't want to trash this house! It just needs some.....OK, a LOT of TLC. I think I may strip it down, and see what I have left.....if I can, I'd like to save it and turn it into a haunted house or something~ that's if I can find room around here to store it??? Cora will get a new house~ I just have to order it, Oh, then build

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