Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fireplaces and Grout

Today has actually been a productive day. Cora's new house has arrived, but I won't be putting it together. The bf has taken on the challenge, and I am very excited to see what comes of it. He has a lot of talent, when you can get him motivated. LOL. We had talked about taking something out of her old house to put into the new house, so she'd always remember it. Not to much of this house is salvageable, so I ripped out the fireplace. Do you see the horrible wallpaper that used to be in this house. Oh, and whoever originally glued the fireplace together, had a GOOD time with the glue. I spent an hour last night trying to scrap it off!!

Once I got it off, I decided that I need to cover the whole thing in paperclay. I was able to fill all the holes and cracks this way. This next picture is me about half-way through the paperclay.

I forgot to take a picture in between these steps....but I went ahead and covered the whole thing in clay. I then spray painted it white.

Once it all dried, I started spraying on coats of the stone spray. The top is still covered with blue tape, because eventually I want to make a nice mantel for this fireplace. I really like how it turned out.......but just wait till I get it done!!
..............and............. I grouted Katie's Corner........finally. I don't know why I was making such a fuss over not doing it. It went quite smoothly. I taped up my lines, and went to work.......

The above and below pictures are before I did my final wipe off.
What do you think?? Me, well....I'm impressed with myself! Now that I have done this part I really think this little house needs shingles. Originally I was going to use coconut fiber to do a thatched roof......but due to my own problem with procrastination, I think the shingles will have a better chance of getting finished.....oh, who knows....I may change my mind again, and again.....Either way, I like where it's going

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