Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Great Gifts and Ideas

I asked my Mom to make me a white blanket for my bed, and this is what she sent. It's beautiful, and so soft!! Thank-you Mom!!
See how great it looks on the bed!! PERFECT!!
And then last night, I decided that I wanted to start playing around with a few ideas. I had read about using cork to make bricks in, and had wanted to try it myself. I drew out a doorway on a piece of foam board and then cut it out with an exacto knife. Make sure you use a sharp blade, a dull one won't get you anywhere!
Then I cut out bricks....a little bigger then had been suggested. The back of the cork had this shiny paper on it, and I couldn't even use a permenant marker to write on it, so I had to free had it. It would look a lot better if the bricks were more uniform. I think I did alright. I have also started to sketch out my stone lines.
In the next photo, I have made my stones out of Paperclay. Note to self~ apply glue to foamboard next time before adding the paperclay~ I think it would of worked a little better, lol!
After I got done with the stones, I decided to put a coat of paint on them. I used an off white, and then decided to see what the bricks would look like with a coat of paint....not to sure if I like it, but I am going to go with it. If I could figure out how to grout in between the cork, I'd be happy. I also want to add more paperclay to look like wood planks in between the bricks. We shall see what tommorrow brings........I'm doing all this before I try to do any of it on a real house. I wanted to get the feel for it, and see how to work the different ideas! It also helps to see what I do and don't like.

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Caseymini said...

It looks good so far Katie. What kind of building are you using this on? I will be anxous to see what you do.