Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Small projects

I took a trip out to the dollhouse store yesterday, and picked up something for everyone. First, I bought this changing table and little cradle for Cora's nursery. I re padded both with the same material I did the crib in. I also glued together scraps of fabric to look like extra sheets and a blanket. I have lots of printies to fill in the gaps: diaper boxes, wipes, ect. (All of her dollhouse stuff is packed away until the new house gets built.) I also picked up 2 more china sets for the cabinet. My favorite is the salt and pepper shakers. It is a shame I couldn't find a small enough teapot to fit in here! You will see 2 little bears on the bottom shelf, they are just here temporally, until I can find something in china that fits.
Ohhhhhh....poor Pocus, she feel asleep watching me watch glue dry. I don't know how she can breath with her nose embedded into the coffee table like it is?!?!

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