Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Skate Shop's 2nd Chance.

Look at what I found at the dollar store! It's the perfect size for a miniature TV........LOL~ I bought 6~ Hey, for a dollar, I couldn't resist.

I pulled off the front sticker, and traced it onto wax paper. Then I lined up the 'outline' on the wax paper with a picture I cut out of my son's magazine. I cut out the picture and glued it onto the TV. I also sprayed a couple coats of sealer on it.

When I bought my room box, I also bought one for my oldest son. He decided he wanted a skate shop, and I showed him how to paint the walls, ceiling, and floor. After he painted, he glued a bunch of picture on the walls, and then decided he didn't like it. Well, it has sat ever since........and last night I stole it. LOL, I did ask for permission, and I do plan on making him a skate shop. I ripped out what was left of his 'stickers', and repainted the inside. I also choose a lighter blue. You can see the TV sitting on the floor. It will get mounted in one of the corners. Next, I have to put in a wood floor, and get the trim done.

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Ana Anselmo said...

It is very nice, I am sure your son will love it, whwm it is finished.
Mini hugs from Portugal