Friday, October 16, 2009

And now for the minis

Well.....although I got a little further ahead today, I still feel as if I did nothing. I have several plates around here with half finished projects, and is time for me to clean up, so I can make a new mess, Know what I mean? So, on one of the plates, was all that bread and cheese I made. I had wanted to make some prep boards.....but I don't seem to be very good at it, lol.

Yeah, they look OK.......But I'm not impressed! I spent all day rearranging things.....and then rearranging some more. Even had to get the bfs advice on the matter. I did get 6 boards finished, and they look OK, so I guess that's OK.........But I have learned one thing.......

I don't like arranging these prep boards.....there's tooooo many ways to do it! Anyone got any special tips on how they arrange stuff?? What's the secret???? LOL!!!

OK.....I'm off to find something else to clean up.
Until Next Time.....


rosanna said...

I think that they look really good and yummy as well. Have a nice weekend

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I think your cheeses are fab and your prep boards.
I am not very good with food but what i have found is the best tip when arranging items is... to try and imagine you're a small doll and how you would cut things, what angles you would approach each from and then what angles the slices or food would fall at.
Visualise yourself when you are cutting bread, cheese and meat and how you lay out in your big kitchen.
Something great i learned when making cheese was to add ground rice to the clay. You have to keep dipping in the ground rice and gradually working it in. It makes the texture of cheese fantastic and is also good for bread. It also makes nice textured eggs.
Also to make the surface look floury on salami like you have here you can make up the inside part like your sausage and then paint it with white acrylic paint. Do about 3 or 4 layers letting dry between each. Once all the layers are done mix a little grey and white and dust it here and there on the final coat. It really gives it an authentic look.
It also is a lot easier than covering with clay. You can stick a cocktail stick or a needle in one end to hold them and prop up while drying between coats.
I then baked painted food because it seems to make the paint much stronger and stay on the painted work.
You can also make brie stacks like this painting about 4 layers of white and then dusting with a mix of grey and white, maybe a bit of ochre too. Do it while the clay brie is soft and when the paint is dry push the surface to make the paint crack like the surface of real brie would do.
Its amazing when you look at the finished stack.
You can paint loads of cheeses like this and its expecially good for cheddars and stilton.
Hope i was of some help.
Nikki xxx

Begoña said...

I wish I knew the secret, but lets just say that clay is not my thing... They look wonderful, you're the clay woman!!

Caseymini said...

I'm hungry just looking at all of those trays! Yummy looking. I see nothing wrong. Good going Katie.

Mary said...

Boo! From out of nowhere! I am still alive!

I love what you're turning out with those deli prep boards. Wow, Nikki's comment was long and sounds so helpful!

Lotsa hugs,

Mary of TX

Debbie said...

Katie I also have the same problem. I'm always moving the bits about until I'm happy with how they look.
I think your prep boards are great. Love the bread..xx

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Katie, they all look absolutely fantastic to me!

Sans! said...

Just caught up with all your posts and realised you have done so many beautiful things. These cheeses are fantabulous and in my view, perfect. What I do when I need inspiration is to look at pictures of real life things that I am making. Google image and books are my sources.

By the way, what you did with Cora is amazing!