Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

First....some minis. I had to clean up my desk this morning, and totally got side-tracked when I saw that one of the cats (Not naming any names here....), but one of the cats had knocked over everything inside Katie's Corner. One day.......I AM going to find a darn glass case to put this thing in.....I am so tired of putting it back together.....but anyways, I figured while I had it out....I'd add some personal photos to the mirror. I also put a pink candle on the dresser. Oh, and I added some flowers to that glass bead on the silver tray. Still haven't cleaned off my desk, and now I'm watching Transformers 2 again. (If you haven't seen it, It's awesome! At least I think so!! But then again, I have seen the first one so many times, that I've memorized all the lines.)

As for my personal life.......I'm still getting checked out by the doctors, It's been one problem after another....but I went to my PCP yesterday....and finally got them to order some to tests. Grandma is.......Well, I dunno. Her vitals are good, but she's not really alert.....Hospice was there yesterday to tell the family that she will probably pass on in the next month or so. She had surgery several weeks ago to clean out her colon, and has just never really recovered. My parents, my Aunt and Uncles....and most of my cousins are there now, and it kills me that I am stuck here. I just don't want to miss being able to say good-bye, you know. Hopefully I can get this mess straightened out out here....and then we'll see what happens.

You guys would like my Grandmother! She's an amazing Quilter.....and she's a cat lover~ who also feeds strays!

So......until next time.


Caseymini said...

Katie, now I understand. Cats and crafts are in your bloodline. I do hope you get to go see your grandmother. It will feel more right if you have a chance to say goodbye.

Hugs, Casey
P. S. Could you wrap Katie's Corner in saran wrap until you get it inclosed so that a cat, who shall remain nameless, can't get in. Does his name start with an "O" and end with "tis"?

Ara said...


So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'll be praying for you and your family.

Also, I love the personal photos in the mirror! What a great idea!

Hugs - Ara

Kim said...

Katie- I will wish and pray that you get things settled and get to see your Grandma. Positive thoughts help sometimes, right? I love the photos on the mirror, and the candle looks so dang cute on the dresser :)

chris v said...

very pretty! Hope you're ok and that you get to see your grandma!

how about a thrift store - an old fishtank? A jewelry box - take off the acrylic front to attach to your project? They should be real cheap.

(maybe the hardware store has some smaller cut-off acrylic pieces for super cheap that they'd throw away otherwise if they cut acrylic. ace hardware here cuts acrylic.

Ana Anselmo said...

this is just to send e great hug to you, a smile and a sunny day

Anonymous said...

Katie I get it, and thank God for hospice. At least she has this service, such good folks were helping my Grandma when she went. With two recent funerals here it does make us question our mortality and get clear on what's important to us. A hug for you, Grandma knows you love her whether you get there or not but it will turn out exactly as it should, right? Thank you for sharing your post. Hugs, Cathy