Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Any Day Now....

...I'll be an Auntie:)
Cora got to spend some time with the family after camp, and when I went to get her.....I got to see my Nephew's Nursery! Isn't it soooo cute! And my sister said she didn't want it to be all 'matchy, matchy'! LOL..... I just love the leaf over the crib! How smart!

And here's the belly! She wouldn't let me take a pic of her face, cause "she didn't have any makeup on"......Silly Girl....don't you know your days of doing your makeup and hair are over, lol! It's on to poopie diapers and 2am feedings now! And I can't wait!!

Life is good:)

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Kim said...

I love the leaf too- how clever! What a cute nursery!!