Thursday, August 19, 2010

What? I couldn't help myself!

I had to go by the pharmacy yesterday....And the thrift store was calling my name...It is only a block away! And I know these aren't white, But I couldn't resist the earth tone colors! And at .99 and .75..........I couldn't pass them up!

Then I was cleaning out another cabinet and found the creamer on the left. It goes with my dishes that I've had for years. LOL, Actually started out with a 16 piece set (hand-me-down from my Step Mother when she updated her own kitchen) But would you believe I'm down to 2 dinner plates. Yes, 2. That's why I had to go buy more last week....I needed at least 5 plates for my own family....... I picked up the other creamer last week at the thrift store, too.....I love this one cause of it's girlie figure! It's very feminine!

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Caseymini said...

I can relate... I have a weakness for cream and sugar sets. I like the fancy white one in the bottom photo. Very Girly....