Sunday, August 15, 2010

Real Life Collections: Part 2

Another collection that I have is my colored pitchers and my white creamers. When my kids were little, My step-mom and I used to go to the outlet malls....A Lot. lol. And I don't know why I started collecting pitchers....I just liked them. I like when they're all lined up....I like the solid colors and the roundness of their bodies. I don't ever use them....I just like to look at them. I had to stop buying them when I ran out of counter space....but one day! I will find some more:)
I'm not too sure what started the creamer collection either! I just like the look of white 'jugs' all lined up... These have been put away in my cabinet for probably 8 years now....

And after finding 2 more for a dollar each at the thrift store, I had to bring them all out and clean them. It's not a big collection, yet, but it will be. And I'm not sure if I even want anymore colored one, But I do think I want more white ones, In all the sizes!

Just in case your wondering....I bought the one all the way to the right...and the second one from the left the other day....Still can't believe they were only a buck!

The Cow creamer is my favorite! The milk comes outta his mouth, lol........Reminds me of My Grandma~ She loved cows!!! And now that I'm thinking about it, it's probalbly what started it all.....
So until next time:)


Sans! said...

Hehe, I love the cow one best too :).

rosanna said...

Katie, they are so nice !!! I love the coloured pitchers, they are exactly what you say, solid and rounded. They make me want to touch them ! Have a nice day, Rosanna

Ana Anselmo said...

I love the white creamers....may be one day I find one in Portugal to send to you