Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have a Confession to make!

Ira sent me this package with all kinds of amazing goodies....Last week....and I haven't posted about it yet, Because one of the cats ate one of the pieces she sent! I have crawled all around this house on my hands and knees with a flashlight, checking every nook and cranny, And I still can't find our glittery skull heads. You see.......................

I was a stupid cat owner! After opening the box, and drooling over everything for a while, I put the contents back in the box, and then left the box on the coffee table when I went to bed! Yeah! I know.........I don't know why I thought that because I had folded that box back up.....that the cats wouldn't of been able to get into it! So....when I woke up in the morning, I found my beautiful ribbons wrapped around the living room~ I was Not happy! And I was even more upset when I realized that the one thing Ira was self-conscious about........ was missing! It must of been the glitter! It was just toooooo irresistible for them!

So.....Immediately, I got out a paper towel roll, and taped my ribbons onto it. I also wrote Ira's name on it, So I won't ever forget who sent them to me:) Aren't they beautiful!!!

There was a whole package of stuff! Printies!! My printer is being dysfunctional right now, so it was nice to get my printie addiction through the mail!

There was leaves for a planter! THANKS so much Ira! I really needed these!!

And here is the fabric that Ira sent that matches the ribbon she sent! I even called my Mom (who's a quilter) to brag that I had beautiful fabric all way the way from Finland:) I love the colors in them....Some for Marshmallow Manor, and then some with girlie prints:)

And then there was my flowers! My beautiful flowers! This is what started it all. Ira offered to send me some of her daisies when I commented on her blog, and look at what she sent! WOW!! I have daisies for all my houses! And some Gorgeous Roses!!

She also offered to make me a purse! This pink leather purse will be going into Katie's Corner.... Isn't it Fabulous?!

Yes! I know....the gifts just kept coming:) Next there was a strawberry waffle! Yum!! Don't know if I told ya'll....Even though I love eating strawberries, I can't eat them due to
allergies! So, it's trivial to me to have them! They are soooooo Yummy!

Next we have a crown.....The bf and I have been arguing over who's house this is going in......he thinks he needs it! Ha!

Ira also sent some metal findings....I'm excited about these! Oh the possibilities!!

And then there's this. First is a little metal birdie that is going to be perfect in my beach house! And next to that is the base to what used to be Cora's glittery skull head! She had wanted to put it in her Gothic Room! **Damn Cats!!!!! What in the Heck have ya'll done with our Skull???

I haven't emailed Ira personally about the skull head yet, so I hope she understands!
She was so gracious to send us all of this cool stuff! Thanks Again Ira!!!

Until Next Time.............


Lataina said...

WOW! So many lovely gifts. I think Ira definitely spoiled =)

The Old Maid said...

Great minis! Love the purse! Ira is such a generous and talented lady!:)

rosanna said...

So many lovely gifts, you must be happy. BTW at least you can complain with the cats, I'm so messy that I loose things on my own and never find them back. Mini hugs Rosanna

Ana Anselmo said...

What a funny thing, in th post below about fabrics I told you about Tilda fabrics, and now Ira send you some Tilda fabrics and ribbons, and another coincidence some are just the same I have!!!!
I will post some pics of my Tilda things....

Kathi said...

I just received a "little" package from Ira too! She is so sweet and her minis are precious! I got one of her little birds too. Don't you just love it?! :D

Kim said...

I can't believe how awesome Ira's minis are- I was a lucky recipient too :) Great gifts Katie- I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric! I'm crossing my fingers for you that you find the skull- I can relate with the cats and minis thing- I have to be really careful at my house too :)

Sans! said...

WOW!!!! So many many many :).

O my, I nearly fell over when I saw the last pic. I think it is the same metal mini I used in the last thing I did :).

Ascension said...

Preciosos regalos, Ira es una gran artesana, me encantan sus trabajos.
besitos ascension

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Awesome gifts from Ira!!