Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Listings on Etsy

Just wanted to give my blog friends a head start.... lol

After seeing my neighbor's yellow bench, I knew I had to make one! I love how bright it is.... Thinking I may have to make one of these for myself:)

I put up the last church..... ( I love this pic because you can see my bulbs poking through the ground- I'd tell you what they are but I can't remember, lol... we just planted them last year)

....and a set of 'nesting' dolls'.... don't really think I should call them nesting dolls since they don't fit inside each other, but they're still cute:)

...and speaking of fitting inside each other.... I was showing the kid the ones I made the other night... and he said to me that I needed to make them in smaller sizes- and even though I knew he was right.... I'm still not sure this was that bright of an idea... do you know how tiny the tiny ones are?? How in the world am I suppose to draw a face on them?? LOL..... But I had to try.... So here's the next set of dolls, with their first coats of paint on. I first paint all of them white, before putting on 3 coats of paint! The extra coats of paint seem to hide my fingerprints better. I also choose some brighter colors this time, don't think I like them as much as I did the first set of colors, but I'm working with it... and we shall see what comes of it.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! The weather is beautiful here..... Sunny and warmer than it's been:) lol

Until Next Time.........


onbeingaminimum said...

Hi Kate, your birdhouses are getting better and better all the time. And I love your new benches. Your weathering techniques are superb.
I love looking at your work.

Caseymini said...

Katie, I don't know if you have access to a store that sells them. Michael's and quilt stores come to mind. There is a pen put out by Pigma, called a Micron OO5. It is permanant and comes in several fine point sizes. It is
.005 centemeters! That is way finer than the finest point Sharpie. They are even more permanant than sharpies once they dry. Quilters use them to sign quilts that will be around for a long, long time. Speaking of that, one of the pens will last a long, long time....If you remember to put the cap back on...

Lataina said...

Ooh, I'm looking forward to how this next batch of dolls comes along. =) Love the bench!!! =)

Ana Anselmo said...

The bench is great, it seems so real...and your tiny nesting dolls are so cute (you are right some tiny, tiny flowers will look great.