Friday, March 18, 2011

New Projects

Generally, at any given time.... I have more projects in the works then I know what to do with. And here lately the ideas have just been pouring in. No this is no my total idea... I see them online all the time, but I haven't seen any in mini, so I thought I'd try a few.... And they're turned out to be supper cute.... You'll have to wait to see what I'm going to do with them, because I still have to figure it out

.... My legs came yesterday! So now there's no more excuses to not getting the last of the birdhouses done!

And then last night.... The bf brought this home... It's actually a funny story. The bf has a new job- he's cleaning out foreclosed homes to get them ready for the bank to sell. And if you've read my blog before you know he doesn't like a lot of stuff around.... So when he came home last night with this I had to laugh! Not because I didn't like it...but because I'm slowly trying to convert him over to our side.... And I think it's finally working! Now if I could talk him to sanding the whole thing down for me, I'd be in business!

It is such a beautiful set!
And the more I think about it.... the more I want to repaint it.... Maybe a sage green or that blue hydrangea color.... maybe crackled?? I dunno yet... We will just have to wait and see....

And here is another project that has been in works for years.. It's was a child time out chair... I painted it first in bright primary colors, then when I got tired of that I decoupaged scrapbook paper on to it..... And now I'm ready for something different. As you can see I have started prying of the paper. Yes, I know the make furniture stripper for this kind of stuff... I just don't have the money for that at the moment.... One day it will be pretty again... One day!

*ok... quick story here. My oldest child was a mess when he was little... and always seemed to be in trouble... And we had this cute little bench that had the words 'TIME OUT' on them.... Poor kid, sat on the bench so many times.... I think he'd get board or something...because over time... the letters started disappearing. He removed the T and the E..... And then bench read "I'm out" too funny, huh! Wonder where that little bench went?

And before I go...thought I'd share a cute kitty picture with ya..... The cat tree is right next to my computer, and sometimes when I look up, I see things like this:

That's Bear on top.. sleeping on Cleo.... She doesn't seem to mind at all! And do you notice that Cleo is brown and not black.... lol.... She went from being gray, to being black... to being a brown kitty... Interesting!

Ok.... Well, if I'm going to get anything done today, I gotta step away from the computer... It's just so hard to do! Hope everyone has a good weekend...... Looks like I'm going to have a busy one:)

Until Next Time....


Ana Anselmo said...

WOW, Katie, what a fantastic real scale furniture....I am sure you will make something fantastic with them.

onbeingaminimum said...

Good luck with converting the would be wonderful if he came home with goodies like these every week!

Minnie Kitchen said...

can't wait to see the transformation!!