Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not what I was expecting today:)

When I saw the mail man earlier, I got excited.... was today going to be the day my package came? You see I ordered something from Etsy that I'm getting impatient about. So I was not happy when I saw that my mailbox was empty:( It wasn't till later, when the family and I were coming home, did the bf notice a package by the door! But it wasn't from Etsy!

It was the quilt My Mom made for Marshmallow Manor. She's been learning how to quilt for a little while now, and a while back I had given her some material to make a quilt for me- I tried bribing her by telling her it was really for their house- their miniature house that is. Remember Cora has a bunny family that lives in her big house.... And after we got Grandma and Grandpa Bunny- Cora decided they needed their own house!!

I knew she was working on it.... and she called yesterday to tell me it was in the mail... So I wasn't expecting it today....

I love the rose in the middle....And in case you didn't notice, it's actually different then the rest of the stripes... She even did a binding around the outside! Impressive:)

I think it's awesome.... She's annoyed that it's crooked....

But it fits perfectly!! Oh Mom! You're the best!

See even Grandma and Grandpa Bunny are happy:)

Mom's package had a rubber band around it which I thought was odd.... But when I flipped it over.... There was another package?! .... from Casey!! She sent me some material:) That top piece is what Tessie's new dress is made out of. Casey! Now that I'm looking at it closer... I'm seeing another quilt in my future, lol..... Ohhhh Mom??

Casey also sent me this piece of fabric! It deserved it's own photo.... I just love these cats! And the colors!

Thanks a million Mom and Casey! You've made my day 100 times better:)

Until Next Time:)


Lataina said...

Oh Katie what a lovely surprise. Your mom's quilt is precious. I really like Tessie's dress fabric too! It's way too cute! =)

Caseymini said...

Katie, put that cat fabric down!!! It's for Otis!!! The orange cats reminded me of him!LOL

Kim said...

You can't even tell it's crooked- especially when it is on the bed! It's so sweet -tell your Mom I think she did a wonderful job :) I have to laugh that Otis got a package from Casey- I expect we'll see a new bed or blankie for him on the blog soon? I love it too- so cute with all those cats!

ultsu said...

That quilt is just perfect for the bunnies and the materials you got from Casey have lots of potential ;-)

Ana Anselmo said...

WOW Katie! me too, i love to receive mail..., I love fabrics, collect them, I think I am addicted to this LOL.
A tip about the quilt, put a florist wire inside between the layers of fabric, in the top and the bottom, from one side to another. bed the wire in order to make the quilt fall naturally in both sides of the bed. Did you gat the idea?

Jackie said...

And I also love receiving parcels!! Sometimes I call my kids from work and just say 'Any wee parcels today?'. Its a standing joke now :-)
You quilt is gorgeous and looks perfect on the bed, I love it, Jackie