Friday, March 4, 2011

If you liked the benches..

Then you might like this set.
......To tell you the truth..... I LOVE, LOVE this set!

The table came from a Thrift Store.... It had this really, really thick layer of varnish on it that took me days to sand off! I swear it had been doubled dipped or something.

After I stripped the table I gave it a base coat of dark brown paint.... I like using the dark brown as a base..... Makes the top coat pop... I built the 2 benches, and painted them along with the table. And then I went back and sanded everything down again. I like watching how the aging process goes....From when it looks all pretty to the time and work it takes to making it look old!

However! This little table is driving me crazy! It's wobbly and I've tried sanding it down, but don't think it really got me anywhere..... Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it before I find myself gluing a bead to the bottom of one of the legs?! Once I get it fixed, it will be listed on Etsy.

And before I go...

Meet Cleo......Isn't she beautiful?! One day soon, I'll catch you up on the cat drama.....

Until Next Time


Caseymini said...

Katie, the latest work is beautiful and so is Cleo. Can't wait to hear about the cats again. Cat dramas are the best kind!LOL

Lena said...

I love the things you make with that vintage look! My favoruite is the birdhouses, I would love to buy one of those - do you sell items?

Cleo was so cute, he still got blue eyes, doesn´t that change later on?


cockerina said...

I, I, I love the benches! your aged bench, then, are a feast for the eyes! very good!
I bought a table and two benches for my mountain cabin. I really like them, but they have shiny paint ... I want to grow old groped them, but I'm afraid of not being able ... : ((

a kiss to the lovely Cleo!
good WE!!

Ara said...


I do thin layers of cardstock on the bottom of the leg that is the shortest until it doesn't wobble anymore. I like the cardstock method the best because you can cut it to the size you need, layer it to as thick as you need and then paint right over it. This is how I fix any of my chairs that start to wobble! Hope this helps! hugs, ara

The Old Maid said...

Love what you did to this table:) And the cat is cute:)

Kim said...

Beautiful work- and I'm glad you had wobble problems because Ara sure did give you a good tip! I'm going to remember that one. I also can't wait to hear about the cats- I've missed them :)

jose said...

fantastic works are incredible of real me congratulations