Wednesday, March 2, 2011

See what I mean...

I have run out of room in here! As much as I love this little house, It is just too small!! It's OK me an excuse to buy/find another house. One day..... when I find a bigger 'shop' this little glass house will house the wicker furniture Casey made for me....Until then, Casey's stuff is staying in the box- don't want the kitties to even see it....And I'll just keep dreaming of a bigger glass house.

I have so much stuff on the floor in here...I don't know how customers would even be able to walk around. Terrible!

The little birdhouses need to make it up on the wall..... so do all the signs I've made.

The big birdhouse (the one with the green roof) was a gift from Mercedes..... And so was the little nest to the left of the picture- on the candle stick. They are 2 of my favorite things:)

See the big K in the lower right corner of the pic? I just love that! The leafy stuff came from Ira, it's in a vase I bought at the dollhouse show.

The blue chair, and pillow and flowers were a gift from Jody (one day will someone please teach me how to make it so when you click on Jody's name it will take you to her site....please! It would make things so much easier:)!!

Also thought I'd show you the pic I made for my Etsy site..... I've gotten several requests for personal signs, and needed a pic to show that it was a custom order. I went with my blackberries as a back drop~ So me:) ......and speaking of the blackberries- It's crazy how many vines I have this year, that stuff has really settled in well. Wonder if I can try and make Jam this year...sounds fun?!

OK.... that's it for today. If you get a chance, stop by my store.... I just listed some benches that you might like:)
Until Next Time.....


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Oh wow, I looove every tiny detail! What a treasure trove of shabby surprises for the shopper, I'm drooling.

You can add live links the same way as you add pics, the link button is next to the photo button. Copy and paste the link in the second line then in the line above you can put the persons name.

Ana Anselmo said...

hi Katie! to put a link in a word (or name...) in the text of a comment it is very easy.
when you are writing, "mark the text" with the mouse. Next in the top of the text box there ia a bar with several options for formatting the text, from right to leff, font type, bold, italic, colour, and then a symbol for link.
Click here, then appears a box with a space to write the link, do it and make OK.
If everything is OK the word will change color and be underlined, if you want make a preview of the post to see if the link works...

Silvia said...

Precioso!! Me encanta el estilo y el conjunto en general. Los muebles son fantásticos.

Sans! said...

Looks like Ana & Susan has already told you how to add links :) Just wanted to let you know that this is kind of shop I love.

Kim said...

I just love this little shop- if I were shopping here I wouldn't even mind the stuff on the floor- just more treasures to go through! I keep popping the pics up larger to see all the details :) Just beautiful Katie!!

Ara said...

Love the shop and all the stuff!!! I would make my way around in there no matter what to see all the fun items!! Congrats on all your orders!! hugs, ara

onbeingaminimum said...

I have a 'house' just like this that I brought home all the way from Kuala Lumpar thinking it would make a fabulous mini scene.

You have shown just how wonderful it could be! A lovely piece.

Katie said...

Thank-you! Thak-you! Thank-you for telling me about the link button... I got it now:)