Thursday, March 10, 2011

And the winners are........

Do your kids get excited when they pull names from a hat for you??? Mine do:)

After pulling out Latina's name, I made him pull out another one.....

Than he pulled out Casey's name, and I had him do just one more......

Finally someone we don't know:) It sounds silly, but I've been gone from blogland for a little while, and wanted to give something to someone new. Don't worry Latina and Casey! I will send you one, too:)

You're gonna have to wait till Monday.... I want to clear coat them first, and I'm thinking of adding something else to them.... Latina and Casey- I have your address:) Sonya- Can you email me yours? Thanks for entertaining me....... I sure did miss all of you!!

Hopefully tommorrow I can get to some of the things I have ordered recently:) Plus I still need to show you where I'm at with Marshmallow Manor......... And what Otis has done to Cora's house- We'll just say it ain't pretty!

So.... Until Next Time:)


MiniKat said...

Oh Otis.... What did you do?

Lataina said...

How exciting! Thank you to the darling hands that pulled out my name (LOL), and to you Katie. This was a fun guessing game! =)

Uh-oh! Sounds like Otis did some damage...?

Congratulations to Casey and Sonya! =)

Ana Anselmo said...

Katie, what did Otis to Cora´s house? I hope noyhing very serious.

Caseymini said...

Bad,bad Otis! He was just being a cat...Thank the kids for pulling out my name. I would have never guessed right in a million years!

Katie, I just had a thought...How about a hobit birdhouse?

Kim said...

oh no Otis! how do you always stay in trouble??!! Congrats to the winners- what fun it was to guess!

by Sonya said...

I am really happy to have won and I thank the wounderful hand of the small elf that has wanted to make me this gift!
Thanks for this great opportunity.
I have mail you my address.
Love form Italy