Saturday, July 12, 2008

2 Beds for Cora's House

I started another kit the other night, actually, I started 2 kits, both are the same.
First I started by laying out all the pieces, and
I skimmed the directions. Another one of my flaws.....not taking the time to read all the directions.
Hey, at least I looked at them.
To the right is the first bed. In this picture I am trying to attach the top, but it didn't line It wasn't even close. So I had to glue on one leg, and wait for it to dry.....then I glued and pinned the next one.....and waited for it to dry, and so on. I left the pins in there over night to add the extra support. (**Thanks Casey for suggesting we use pins to keep things in place!!)
With the second bed, I decided I did not want to make 2 beds that looked exactly the same. So I cut down the legs and glued on wooden beads to add character to the posts. ~Poor ole' JD is watching me watch the glue dry....not much fun is it buddie???
And here they are.......Just waiting for my daughter to pick out some material, and I can make the beds. Oh, and I have to paint them....


Anonymous said...

hi, i found your fine blog today. there is many beautiful pictures here. i have my own doll´s house too and a cat, Röllö, of course. kisses from finland :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks really hard! You seem to be doing well with such intricate work, though (I'd probably accidentally snap the wood with my thick fingers, lol).