Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm back...are you scared??

We got in late last night, and I now need a vacation from my vacation. Whew'

My Mother flew me and the kids to California for a family reunion this weekend. It was a very nice treat!! And on Friday, we took the kiddos to Disneyland!!! My kids had no clue they were going, we had wanted it to be a surprise. Disneyland is beautiful! Now, let me say thanks to my new eyes the dollhouse girls have given me, I found myself taking pictures of houses and not my kids. Bad Mom!! LOL~ I did get pictures of kids, but don't worry, I have lots of eye-candy to show you!!And look at what was sitting on the coffee table when we got home last night!!!!!! OMG~ this thing is huge!!! And it's beautiful! The bf took it as far as he thought he should, that way I can start painting, without it being to much of a chore. So.......................when I get done resting from my Vacation, I guess I'm painting........Oh my~ I still need to finish Katie's Corner, and Drew's skate shop................so much to do!! And I love it!

Oh, I almost forgot. Meet Cindy. This little girl was rescued out of my Momma's cousin's pool, and has found a great home! Looks comfortable, doesn't she......Well, hope you enjoyed. I'll be back another day, with a few more pictures of what I picked up from Disney.

LMAO.....so way off the subject from clay, huh?? Well, just think of all the clay houses I could make from these pictures? HUm..........

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