Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Red Chest of Drawers

Yesterday, I showed you a picture of some furniture that had been built from a kit. Remember the chest of drawers that I said I had started to paint? It's the one in the lower right corner of the picture....The box the kit came in is pictured in the background~ You know these kits have got to be at least 20+ years old!!! And here is a picture out of a Pottery Barn catalogue. I love the finish on this piece and as soon as I saw the new chest of drawers, I had to try it.
So, What do you think? I started with a coat of black paint, then a coat of crackle medium. Then I painted it red......oh, before I forget~ don't forget to let it dry in between coats! I am really bad about not waiting, lol. After the red was dry, I sanded the whole thing. Then I went back over it with some oak stain, to age the parts I had just sanded. I had to wait till today to finish it, the humidity here makes everything dry R*E*A*L slow. I did start to glue on the handles, but I have NO clue how they get the draw pulls in there. Ugggg.....I was on such a roll!
Thought I show you a close up of the finish......


Ana Anselmo said...

I just love this kind of finishing, and you did a great work. Like you, I am also really bad on waiting LOL!!!but I think I am quite good in reparing the damages LOL.
About the draw pulls , I think you should put and glue all the pieces at the same time, making a very tiny holes on the drawers to make "bed", to the volume.
I am going to try your technique!
mini hugs

Katie said...

Thanks Ana.....the directions did say to glue it all at the same time, but my big bulky fingers wouldn't let me hold and glue at the same time. I think I may just poke holes into the drawers and see if I can't feed the handles in that way. Thanks for the advice!! And good luck with the technique!!

Caseymini said...

Katie, The finish on the drawers is outstanding!

As for putting in the pulls, find yourself some needlenosed tweezers, curved nose or straight. They take a bit of getting used to, but they will save lot of tiny parts from flying away.

I glue the backplates on the drawers and then, holding the pulls with the tweezers, I simply push the pull in a little at a time. It's the hammering that gets you into trouble. The same method works fortiny nails. Push instead of trying to hammer. If you have trouble getting them started, a ball headed straight pin can be pushed into the hole. Good luck!

Katie said...

Thanks Casey!! I think I need a better or thicker straight pin.....And I really need to find the would be a whole lot easier than trying to do it with my fingers!