Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Canopy Bed

I almost finished the canopy bed last night. All I have left to do is make some pillows that match. So far, I have managed to glue the whole thing.....Yup, no sewing involved!! First, I added the lace trim around the bottom. Then, I ironed the hem line and the pleats for the outside material. (LOL, I spent most of the day, 'thinking' about how to do this........) If you'd like further directions, just ask...and I'll explain. Once the material was glued into place, I went back and added the trim. I also tied back the 'curtains' and glued the bottom of the ribbon to the bottom of the curtains. It was the only way to get the ribbon to flow with the curtains~ otherwise the ribbon would of stuck straight out...understand?? Notice I painted the room a very light purple??? A very, very, light purple. Pretty, huh?!?!
And last night I was thinking????..... Do you think Cora would give up her kitchen for an Otis room? He looks very cozy in there. Everyday, he curls up in there and takes a nap......
Oh...notice I painted the nursery? The top, left room is painted the same color of the house.

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