Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stickers and posters

I feel as if I haven't gotten a thing 'done', and yet I've been working on the skate shop all day. I glued the skateboards onto the wooden dowel, but still have to glue it into the room. I also got the trim around the door and window finished.
This morning was spend hooking up my new printer and searching for pictures online. I love google....just type in what your looking for, click on images, and right click to save whatever pictures I may need. I now have lots of posters and stickers for the shop.......See the penny...gives you an idea of how little the stickers are!

1 comment:

Ana Anselmo said...

good work! I also love google, well I love the web, how in heaven could I know you without it?

hugs for all the family
PS: did you like my first painting, with the flower jar?