Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Someone! Quick!!!

......... Come take the crackle medium away from me......I'm having way too much fun with it! First is the 'parents' bed. I LOVE THIS BED!!!! It couldn't of turned out any better! I still need to add a little trim to the top sheet, and I have lots of pillows to sew! Maybe we can talk Grandma into crocheting a yellow blanket for it??? This is the mattress for the 'teen girl's' room.
And here is the bed and dresser that will go in the girl's room. Still gotta figure out how I want to do the canopy, and I need to add some handles to that little dresser.
Why do dollhouse's look so small in a picture?? Otis is at least 15lbs....and barley fits in that kitchen. *OH......funny story. I was painting yesterday, and had the cap to my paint sitting on the bed. Next thing I know, Otis jumps up on the bed and sits down~ Yup! Right on top of the paint cap....LMAO.......Poor fella had a white ring around his butt......and wasn't very happy with me after I got done washing it off!!

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Ana Anselmo said...

the beds look great!!!
(I also had a Crakle period, LOL)