Sunday, November 23, 2008

Amish Quilts and Miniature Camels

The kids and I just got back from Maryland. I took them up there to see my Mom and sisters, and celebrate an early Thanksgiving. On Saturday I met Mom at an Amish Quilt Auction. It was held in a big barn on a farm.....and it was freezing! But, I had fun......and the quilts were beautiful!! I love the simple life, I wish I could live more like they do! I didn't take pictures inside the auction, I do believe they don't like their pictures taken, but I figured the horse wouldn't mind if I took his.After the auction, we went to Mom's house. We spent the afternoon cooking and watched "Get Smart" ~very cute movie, btw. While I wrote names on Christmas ornaments for Mom's co-workers, she helped the kids make bath salts for their other Grandma and their Aunts ~How sweet was that!! I really enjoyed eating a Thanksgiving dinner that Mom cooked and spending the evening hanging out with the family! that that is out of the way....Let's talk crafts! These next 3 pictures are of Mom's craft room. Oh...and while I was taking them...she was fussing at me about, I could of least let her clean first, lol....I told her not to worry, that you guys have seen mine, and it is 10 times worse than hers.....and Hers isn't really that bad.....Heck, she's a lot more organized than me! I mean, come on....she even has room for an upright freezer! I could do a dance in the middle of the floor...and I tell ya, it makes me want to dance when I'm in there! She's got lots of good stuff! The whole wall to the right is Rubber stamps and ink!And her craft room even has a closet...and a walk in closet at that!! We won't tell anyone how much material she has stashed in here! I also got to visit with my sisters while I was home. I haven't seen my youngest sister, Joyce since Thanksgiving~last year, I wish we coulda had more time to talk, I miss her! And my other sister, Jess recently went to Dubai and Egypt, and I asked her to keep her eyes open for anything miniature. OH, I'm so excited, are you ready for this?!?! These are awesome!! First we have a small gold camel, with lots of little gems! His back even lifts up to reveal a hidden compartment!And a camel carpet! Isn't it beautiful!!! I just can't tell you how amazing these are! One day they will go to live in my bf's mini Man Room! (when it gets built that is!)
Ok, well I'm off to unwind from the weekend. First, I think I will 'stalk' a few sites to see what's new! Until next time.......


The Carolina Quilter said...

Oh, my goodness! Your Mom should come try to attempt organizing my basement crafting area! It's a mess. I piddle at organizing slowly in the midst of projects. And I do love that camel. Glad you got to be with family. We just got back from my church Thanksgiving dinner and my Dad came to it so that was good.

Okay--exactly 9" on the living room in the Victoria's Farmhouse? Hmmmm. .. . I think this tree may scrape the ceiling--DH may have to trim the top a bit before I work up that far with the lycopodium! Thanks for the tip!

Debbie said...

Hi Katie,
Here's the link to the place where I got my shop units and miniature frogs from
Mini Hugs