Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Godfather

Not to sure if I've ever showed you this or not. This is The Godfather, an oil painting I did when I was 15. The painting is of a man holding a baby...but I was going more for the feeling you get from the colors. I won't explain the story behind it, Way to much drama there! But, I will say, this Is My favorite painting! ...and this is 'my desk'! It was suppose to be where I work, but for 1, I hate staring at the wall when I work, and 2~ the couch is so much more comfy!! So, naturally everything gets piled up on top of the desk. It's become the catch all for everything that doesn't have a home else where. Although, I will say, I do know where everything is! (As long as the kids haven't taken it, lol....What is the deal with that anyways?? Do my scissors cut better or something, and what happened to the 100 glue sticks Grandma bought FOR THEM, because they were on sale?!?! Why do the insist on using mine??) So, as you can see, this is half of our living room. The couch divides the room in half, 1/2 is mine!!
And the other half belongs to the guy sleeping on the couch! Gees, guess I don't get to sit on the couch and play today?!? Ohhh well, what to do, What to do??? LOL!!!


The Carolina Quilter said...

Hey, Katie! Love the studio tour and yes, I'm kind of excited about Joanna's house! I ordered a white kitchen set from Manor House and it came yesterday! So pretty! A stainless steel refrigerator, upper and lower cabinets in white with tan 'marble' counter tops and sink. I think we will need a stove but so cute! I also found a cute bed on Etsy from a lady and her daughter. Can't blog about them yet as Joanna reads my blog! I'll check in with your progress here!

Tina T. said...

I love the painting.... and your work area looks like my work area!! :0)

Chris V. said...

I like the painting colors too; funny as the title goes good with my blog post today on the Mob author. ha! that painting would look great on a contrasting color mini wall. shrunk any of yours yet?

I have a workspace, a tabletop in my office, too, but it has stuff piled on it. I like to work at the kitchen table as I have a small tv on the hutch. ha!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Wow Katie the painting is amazing! I love the colors, very powerful! Very talented for such a young age!

It is fun to see your studio space. I can almost picture you there!