Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Little Accidents...

At least I think that's what Bob Ross used to say! And it holds true for clay, too!!

OK, so last night I decided to pull out the clay and try and replicate the colors I saw in a bracelet...Check it out on Tina T's blog, ahead, I'll See? I love her fall colors!! So I decided to try and use up some more of those scraps I have, I have lots of pearl colors. I wasn't too impressed with what I ended up with from the get go. They're not as dark as I woulda liked for them to be. Too much orange and yellow....I needed more red!! Either way, I made a mokume gane cane, and went to town. One thing I taught myself a long time ago about clay is Not to give up! Sometimes, half way through a project, it really looks horrible, but it normally comes out ok.....See, I really don't like these colors, but someone else may. (I apologize for the flash blurring the bottom center one!!)I took the left over clay and made these:
And then, at the very end of everything, I made this. This I like! I used a rubber stamp to make the impression into the clay, and carved off the top layer. If you look close you will see the Taurus symbol and the Aries symbol......eventually, I'd like to sand this down, I betcha there's something wonderful hiding in there!Then this morning, I decided to experiment even more with that stamp. I chose shades of blue, plus black and white. That stamp didn't work out as well for me this time, you can see the best one in the upper left hand corner, See the Aries symbol? The one in the middle, to the bottom, is today's Favorite! I used an eye stamp, and it worked perfectly! The one in the upper right corner, is the result of a mistake......See, some mistakes are great! I put eyelets into the pendants before I bake them. You can leave them in there when you bake it, and pop them out afterwards. You do have to push the clay that is inside the eye-let out after baking it, and reattach the eyelet to the pendant with a bit of glue. (These haven't been baked yet.)So, when all was said and done, I had very little blue ones to cook....and a lot of left over clay! I took the clay, rolled it up together, and sliced it down the middle........I see 2 birds looking at each you?Then I took the left over clay from that, and did the same thing, again. It really gets my imagination going! What do you see??

Ok, I'm going back to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie....lets see what else I can get into!

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Debbie said...

I think your Happy accidents look like Penguin's and the bottom one reminds me of an elf's face,with big ears and a long nose!