Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's Watch Paint Dry....

OK, I know pretty boring, huh! Ok, so I'll watch paint dry and You can look at where I'm at with Cora's house.....I painted lots of trim last night....And, I got the inside of the side access door painted. I also glued in the windows and all the trim....I do want to add a piece of floor molding to separate the colors, but that will have to wait till I get the door mounted on the house...I want my lines to match! (See my oldest peeking threw the window? LOL)And outside of the door is done. I still, really like the colors on this house!

Well, now I must go beg the carpenter to install this door, maybe I should try bribing him with cookies or something?!

Oh and did you notice that I changed the background?? Whatcha think?? Not too hard on the eyes is it?? I found the link in the upper left hand corner of Debbie's page.....Thanks Debbie! You can find the same link in the upper left hand corner of my page........they have over 300 different backgrounds!! And it's very east to do! Have fun decorating!


Debbie said...

Hi Katie, Love the new background, great aren't they.
Love the colours you've picked for the House..
Mini Hugs

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie
I like the background, but for me it is more difficult to read then the older one.
I loved all the new posts.