Monday, November 10, 2008

Progress is good!!

I haven't done any thing major today, but have added a few small touches here and there. Plus, pictures always seem to make you see what else it is that you need to do!The nursery is starting to look lived in. Small pieces of material folded up in different places, gives the illusion of blankets and clothes tucked away. There's lots of printies around the room, diaper wipes, baby rash cream, Q-tips, and diaper wipes!! The Care Bear came from a 25 cent machine...Although now that I think about it, I do believe it was one of the .50 machines. The blue tub in the left corner will be a laundry hamper. I plan on painting it a lighter color..... yellow might work!?! It was the top to a laundry soap container. ~Found the sewing supplies I had stashed away. Set everything up to make it look like someone is working on something. I even used a 'sticker' to make the little blue dress. It is a Cinderella sticker from the Jolee line, I just pulled off the sticky stuff on the back of the dress and draped it over a dress form. I still want to add a little more to it, it needs a sash and some beads...and maybe a little blue bird or a mouse:)
I added one of my Mom's white blankets and a couple of magazines to the daughter's bed.
Then, I put a dresser in the parents room, and added a picture. The picture was taken where my kids go to summer camp; it will go on the wall eventually. Looks like my 2 bears have snuck in here to take a nap........The were getting all chewed up hanging out in the living room! Dang on Otis! In the kitchen I added the table and chairs behind the stairs. I more or less just wanted to see if they fit, and they do:) Before they become a permanent fixture, they need new seat pads! Then I came across all the little bears I made out of clay, and would you believe that I did NOT have one single green bear??? So, naturally I made 3!! And a horrible put one bear on top of the dresser in the nursery....Then I donated my rocking chair from Katie's Corner so the second little critter had some where to sit.....I think the chair needs a small blanket and a book now....
(The third bear has yet to find a home, he will go to live with the other bears for now, until he gets adopted.)

There's alway something to do, isn't there?!?!

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The Carolina Quilter said...

Hey, Katie, yes, Kerri's work is beyond stunning. You expect her animals to come to you when you beckon! Your house is so cute. My 'baby', 9-year-old Joanna, has decided she wants a dollhouse for Christmas so I may head to Hobby Lobby today to get the Victoria's Farmhouse with my 40% off coupon. I'll be checking back on your progress. Thankfully I already have nursery furniture as there 'has' to be a nursery, she says.