Monday, November 17, 2008

Putting everything back into place....

I'd thought I'd start the day off with a question: Otis, how in the world is that comfortable?? Your head's not even level with your butt!?! And do feel like your foot is floating? Way too funny!!! I swear, they'll sleep anywhere!

I went digging through my stuff last night looking for a bouncy ball.......I still don't believe that in a house with 3 kids I can't find one bouncy ball.....Oh well, guess I'll have to get one next time I'm at the grocery store~ I wanted one for the nursery. Anyways, while I was digging, I found this bear. I do believe he was one of the first things I made out of polymer clay, in 1996. Not to bad, huh? And today, I've been putting Katie's Corner back together. No need to worry, I found the Jungle see them, there in the bottom right corner. The thought they were getting away! Hahahaha....... The bagel was under the bed....along with the apple, What a healthy breakfast, huh.....all I need now is that glass of chocolate milk! The kitties are back on their perch, and the bear is nestled back on the bed. I even borrowed a pair of Barbie's shoes, I know they look a little too big, but, hey, If you saw how big my feet were, you'd understand, lol!! I put the flowers back on the dresser, and found all the accessories for the tray. If you look close, you can see that she has her surf board stashed between the dresser and the white metal shelf. Maybe before she opens the store, she'll head down to the beach to catch a wave or two. And I even managed to wrangle the Jungle Undies back into their bag...they are in the bottom right corner of the picture.
Then I moved onto the store......I put everything back where it was, and even added a few extras. On the bottom shelf, I put out the stone pavers, in 3 different sizes! I put bricks in the silver bucket in the front, thought it looked nicer than trying to stack them on a shelf. Here's a picture of Katie's Corner. I still have room to add lots of treasures! That empty shelf in the back may get some jars of seeds....maybe some lavender, or sage, or even some catnip or something?!?!

I've managed to spend the whole weekend..thinking! Scary huh! Yesterday I brought out those 2 red chairs I need to refinish and managed to stare at them all evening! Horrible! Sometimes you just sit and look at something till it comes to ya, Well, it never did last next!!! I did get all the legs pulled of, and found some wood I can cut down to make for legs....but trying to figure out how to make a slip cover was mind boggling! I think I'll save them for when I go home for the holidays and see if Mom will help me sew something for them. I also plan on begging her to do the curtains for Cora's house! I better make a list huh.........Hahahaha:) I love you Mom:)!!


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

I just love this little house and the way you talk about it! It reminds me of when I was a kid and the tiny tea set I made with tinfoil, formed over my pinky finger.

Glad to see you're getting Katie's Corner set back up after the rampaging cat attack! Everything is so adorable, it needs to be in the right place!

Chris V. said...

oh Love the project! The colors are great. Very nice job!! The bedroom is really pretty and yellow is my favorite color!

Btw, the gingerbread house was easy, and kind of fun since I did it the 'easy' way by cutting pieces from model magic instead of baking. Worked great, try it! I always wanted to do one. Wanted to make a Halloween one but have to try again. Didn't work out first time. ha!