Sunday, November 9, 2008

Part 2:

2 blogs in one day....boy, I'm on a roll......

So, when I left you last, I was off to paint. I painted the color to the right of the picture first, and decided it was to blue for the nursery. I added some light yellow to the paint, and came up with the color on the bottom, left side of the picture. Much better!!It was strange how after I got the green on the walls, it made the original nursery's wall color more blue. I'm just glad the two rooms aren't exactly the same color!!Once I got the room repainted again.....I used the other tile I bought today to do the floor. I really like how I did the floor in here! Let me see if I can explain.....I took the outside of the tile and matched it up, in the middle of the room. My cuts, that I made with a razor knife, were put up against the wall.....this way the lines in the center of the room lined up and looked as if I grouted them. This next picture is where I had to line up 2 of my own cuts.....see the difference?
I'm so glad I decided to do this. My daughter will have so much more room to spread out her many nursery items. I promise to take pictures once we have all her accessories in place.

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Helen said...

I love the new color - the room is going to be stunning when it's finished.

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