Saturday, November 15, 2008

That Darn Cat!

I really need to find a place in my home that the kitties can't get to. I've tried, honestly, I have. I have things stashed above cabinets, there's stuff under the bed, and I even have crafts hiding in the bathroom. But, it never fails, just when I think I have something all tucked away. I realize that I don't.

Last night we were sitting on the couch, watching TV, when Hurricane Pocus comes from out of no where, leaps across the back of the couch, and ends up in the top floor of Katie's Corner. UGGG! You see, I've been hiding it under a pillowcase, hoping the cats would leave it alone. Well, so far they have.....
It really does look like a tornado went through here. The flowers are lying on their side, good thing there's no water in them, huh?! There used to be a bagel with cream cheese on the bed, wonder where it went?? And I'm so glad I glued everything in the china hutch~ Can you imagine having to put all those dishes back in the right places?? And we won't even discuss the fact that my Jungle Undies are MIA???The bottom floor, the actual store, looks like it's been robbed! Nothing's broke, so, all will be OK! I just have to figure out how to keep those freakin' cats outta my stuff!!!

Any Ideas out there???


Ana Anselmo said...

May be a house just for them...I guess it will be the only way.(LOL)

Debbie said...

Cats seem to have a total fascination with any thing Mini...You need a cat free room, with a large bolt on the door..

kimsminiatures said...

I had to laugh(sorry) darn kitties!!!! They just love dollhouses. I have a chihuahua who likes to steal miniatures. Love your blog Katie! Mini hugs (:

Caseymini said...

Katie, try stretching some saran wrap over the front and top of the building. That should at least keep them from wrecking the place without a fight to get in first.