Saturday, May 16, 2009

So...What's in this cabinet??

LOL.....Lots and lots of junk.....and 2 helpers, haha!

Thought I dig out a couple of bags I made for Ana to see. The first one isn't finished, but you can see what I was talking about. I took a pair of size 24 month jeans, and cut off the legs. Then I sewed the bottom together. It still needs a lining and a handle...but it's a cute idea. (And I know there's a finished one around here...Cora must of hid it?)

Next is my favorite....until I realized that I sewed the handle on the wrong way! I used a tie I found at the Thrift Store as the handle and the inside is an old silver night gown I had. It's a little wonky, but I sewed the whole thing by hand.....took me forever!!! LOL

I just love the color of this material!!!

And a peek at the inside of the bag...and the tie.

While I was digging for the bags, I ran across a box filled with some of the things I have have lots of these kinds of boxes around here! I have this problem with not being able to make just one......the two gray lions are some of my favorites! The inspiration came from Christi Friesen, You can find her info here...She has some really amazing books!!

And here's some of the bigger faces I got carried away with....and a few bugs! These guys are much cuter in person. So...what does one do with all this stuff? I hate just stuffing it back in the cabinet! Maybe I could add some magnets to the back of them?
Oh...and here's the picture of the Grandparents that I promised a few days ago......They even come with eye glasses!

And for the final picture...We have Otis. This cat is always good for a laugh. Yesterday, I threw the bag from our lunch onto the floor for Otis to play in. He dove into it (Well~ he got his head and his front paws in there)....and then starting scratching at the back of the, and then he must of seen JD (Our black cat) creep by, because all of a sudden he tried to jump threw the bottom of the bag......and well......he got stuck, lol!!! He just couldn't seem to make it all the way threw!! Hahahaha~ He's such a dork!!


Anonymous said...

I just love your helpers - they remind me so much of my two. Isn't it funny how we make all these things and then don't know what to do with them. Your faces would look great in the middle of a bow on a present. Or on a clip in someone's hair. Or dangling from thier ears. Or how about a mardi gras scene.

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie
Nice bags, I also love more the one you made with a tie, lovely fabric, makes me remember my was the "hippie fashion".
I have been sewing with my machine, it is fantastic, I'm afraid I can became adictided to it LOL
I mnade a bag for a friend that loves cats, I think I am going to call it Otis Bag LOL

Ana Anselmo said...

I forgot to say, I like those "masks" in Fimo I suppose. some are really fantastic, lots of criativity there!!!!!