Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love getting gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

I got 2 packages recently from 2 very talented artists!!!

First We have a gift from Sylvia at
She sent me 2 beautiful canisters and the most delicate tulips I have ever seen! I just love the colors in them......I'm thinking the canisters will go in Katie's Corner....and the tulips might end up in the planter on the outside of that shop. Thanks a million Sylvia!!!! You're box should be on it's way Today!!!

Then yesterday I got a package from Casey!!! Look at all the goodies she sent me! lol....and Tessie even threw in a couple of lizards!! Thanks Tessie~ they'll make a neat addition to the Star Wars Toystore!!

My favorite thing though has to be the bag and flip-flops!! I have been reading Casey's blog Every Day for over a year now, and have always drooled over her bags and shoes, and clothes...and rugs...and...You get the picture!! LOL. I feel blessed to now own something that The Great Casey made!! (BTW, I have a few things put away to do a beach house one day...and these would be perefct!!)

And look she even made Cora a towel set for the bathroom!! They're soooo pretty!! Now I have to get this bathroom done. No more excuses!! lol..... Thanks Casey!!!! I just can't say that enough!!
Alright.....I'm off to do all the things I was suppose to do yesterday. LOL.....Other than going to physical therapy, I didn't do a darn thing I had set out to I have to do it!!!! LOL.....we're out of the basic stuff~ toilet paper, milk, cat litter.......Yikes! I need to get it together!!! :)


Ara said...

Oh you're so lucky!!! Have fun with all your new treasures! Can't wait to see them all put in place! -ara

Caseymini said...

Katie! I am pleased that you liked everything. Have fun with it!

MiniKat said...

What fun little things! I think the lizards will look awesome in the toy store. The flipflops and bag are too cool!

I love Sylvia's flowers! Talk about drool factor. She's so talented. The canisters are really gorgeous!

rosanna said...

Hi Katie, lovely gifts! If you com up to my place there are two piccies I took for you. I hope will like them

Tallulah Belle said...

Lucky you...they are all wonderful

Debbie said...

Wonderful gifts Katie.. x

Ana Anselmo said...

hi! Katie, I love everything what a wonderful gift, but the flipflop sandals and the bag, they are so cute and perfect,
I don´t know what happened im my bag's blog, but now comments are OK...

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

You lucky girl! Sylvia's brocante and tulips are just the best aren't they. All those goodies from Casey, how wonderful! Is that a Tupperware bowl in there?!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Beautiful gifts. My Fave are the tulips which look real.
I love your blog too. I never get to visit everyone.
Nikki x

sylvia said...

Enjoy your gifts, I am pleased that you liked them.