Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm so behind....

And I apologize for that. A few weeks ago I was tagged by De and someone else(still trying to jog my memory over here!)....and I was also giving an award that I totally skipped over! I know, I'm fired! So....I thought I take the time to go ahead and thank those people that were thinking of me, and apologize for life getting in the way. LOL.....I still can't think of 6 unimportant things... It's all important to me!

And before I get ahead of myself again....I want to thank Doreen at for The Butterfly Award.

*I just peeked over on Sans' blog,
and she has awarded this to me as well....Thanks Sans!!

Not sure if I have to pass this on to a certain number of people or not.....and I can't just choose a few.....So can I pass this on to everyone over in my Blog List! Really! I love All of your blogs! I spend at least a few hours a day reading and drooling over your posts! There are so many talented ladies, and a few guys, that totally blow my mind away! I actually get excited when I see something new, or something that I've been watching you make come to life! Thanks for taking the time to share all of your tips, tricks and secrets with us! Ya'll Rock!!!!!


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