Monday, May 25, 2009

A New Floor for Marshmallow Manor

*Ok...before I forget.....I love the name Marshmallow Manor......Thanks Casey!!!, I got bored with the marshmallows..... and decided to do the bottom floor yesterday. I used Popsicle sticks, cut the tips off of them......sanded them down, then I stained them using 2 different colors. Of course I had to recut everything after all was said and done....But I'm impressed. It still needs a coat of Polyurethane....but I like it!

So....we got a new cabinet for our living room yesterday. And don't you know that Otis was there to 'Help'!!

He had so much fun 'tunneling' through the trash!!

LOL...Like I said, he didn't miss a thing!!! He's such a good supervisor!!!! Bah hahaha....

*That's the bf, BTW...... Doing what he does best!!! Now if I could just get him into minis, I'd be in business!!!


Caseymini said...

Nice floor, Katie. I am glad that you like the name. Tell BF that I like his elephant tattoo. You picked the right guy. If I buy kit furniture, I have to put it together myself.

Debbie said...

Katie the floor looks great. Otis certainly seems to be enjoying himself.. xx

CA Verstraete said...

haaa! love the name. hey floor looks good, too.

gee thought you were gonna give us a beefcake shot, only giving us a shoulder there.ha!

Sans! said...

Thanks for the tip on the floor! I will copy it for one of my houses. lol. Your cottage is going to look great! The elephant tat will look so good on one of my palace walls! Jai's room

MiniKat said...

Umm... your bf and my hubby are the same "light-skinned, dark-haired, make's 'em drool" kind of guys. And he puts furniture together for you. Good work! ;-) (Love his ink too, btw.)

Otis looks to be having a great time.

The floor in Marshmallow Manor is looking great! :-)

Btw, you still haven't told me what color of dragon your bf would like for his mini room. I have another ready to paint just for him! :-)

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Floor looks great! Cats and kids, they're just the same! I have pics of Noah when he was two lying on a shelf in my craft cupboard. I was cleaning it out and he just hopped in there!

Ana Anselmo said...

it is always funny to read your comments, :) :):)
Did you see my Otis bag (LOL)
, in my new blog?