Friday, May 8, 2009

One of Life's Little Lessons....

I got an envelope in the mail yesterday from Mercedes..........And boy, was it squishy!! I brought it inside and sat down on the couch.......and as I was starting to peel back the back of the envelope, I burst into laughter......LOL, I was laughing so hard, I annoyed the bf, and he asked me "What's wrong with ya?".......and all I could say was......... "Look!"

Mercedes sent the kids some 'money' all the way from New Zealand!!!

And...well........they died somewhere in between! LMAO!!!!

My oldest had to taste it...and I managed to get a really embarrassing picture of him, that he'd only let me share with Mercedes herself......but he told me to tell ya'll, "It's Really Good!" He put it in the freezer, and has had another nibble this morning.....He says it's even better frozen!

LOL....I emailed Mercedes last night, and asked her if I could do a post about it....I didn't want to embarrass her, But luckily she finds the humor in it, too!!!! She told me to go ahead....That this was a lesson we all could learn from;) !!

Thanks again Mercedes! This was the funniest gift I've ever gotten!!!


MiniKat said...

"When life melts your chocolate, put it in the freezer. It will still taste good."

Is that the lesson? 'Cause I like it! ;-)

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

So glad someone still got to enjoy it. Good chocolate should not be wasted, no matter what it looks like!

Imagine what it must have done to the other mail that was in the mail mans bag with it! LOL!