Friday, May 8, 2009

Come see the detail in these!

I also got a package in the mail yesterday from Tara at She sent me the most detailed printies I have ever seen! See the red cake box? It's a pineapple cake mix~ How cool is that? She sent me 3 of them!!!
Here's a picture of all my goodies......There's girlie stuff in the upper right corner. And in the left upper corner is a bowl of seeds (to be used in my picnic scenes?!), and then there's a white pitcher! I love pitchers!! She sent me all kinds of printies to fold up and glue. And those 3 pineapple cake mix boxes that she folded, glued, and filled (With salt?)....makes the boxes feel real! I emailed her last night and told her thank-you for giving me something creative to do. It has been a long week, and my muse has gone on vacation??? ....It was nice to have something easy to make!! There's even a bunch of tiny stickers that I will let Cora use to add 'magnets' to the fridge.....

Here's a close up of some of the printies...See all the detail?!

And here's them put together.....The first picture shows how bright the colors are....(sorry about that darn flash!)

And here's one with the flash turned off so you can see what all we got.....I'd have to say that box of crayons is one of my favorites.....that just may have to go live in Katie's Corner!
Thanks again Tara! Cora's kitchen is really going to look well stocked!!

There's just one more picture I want to share with you before I leave ya........I went in the kitchen last night to get a drink of the dark mind you.....when this thing started moving......Scared me to death! LOL.....Until I realized it was just Otis' tail!! Silly Kitty! You're not suppose to be in there!!! ~Oh, you like my green splotch? I thought, only for a moment though, that I wanted to paint the kitchen this color....then I changed my mind.......That was a couple of summers ago, lol.
OK...Until Next time.....


Mary said...

You are one lucky lady, Katie! Enjoy your goodies. It was so sweet of Tara.

And I must say that you are now initiated into the [imaginary] Master Bloggers' Club...only a master blogger would think to grab a camera in the middle of the night! Geez, Otis's tail looks like a snake!!!

Caseymini said...

Katie, is that the cupboard where the cat food is kept? Go Otis!!!!!

Kim said...

I have to laugh at Otis! One of my kitties will do that too if I leave the door open in the bathroom cupboard or the bottom cupboards in the kitchen. She likes to play hide and seek and wants you to call out looking for her. Maybe Otis is wanting to play hide and seek too!

The printies are adorable! I love the box of crayons best too!

CA Verstraete said...

Aren't printies fun? You easily get addicted! Love the crayola one too, I haven't come across that one. Where did your friend get it? I'd love one too!

MiniKat said...

Tara makes some of the best printies ever! Lucky you to get some of them. :-)

How did Otis get in that cabinet? Did you leave him in there after the picture? ;-)

Katie said...

...for the cat questions......Otis let himslef into the cabinet, lol...he knows how to open them, No, baby locks don't help. But that's the cabinet where the dishes are kept, Yup....he's sleeping on my dinner plates! No, he didn't get to sleep in there, and hissed and growled at me the whole time I drug him out......I laid out a towel on the counter and he was quite happy to go back to sleep there instead of climbing back into the cabinet. I think he just gets bored~ It's something new to do?!......Yes, he's a very spoiled kitty!!! LOL

Ana Anselmo said...

the printies are so real! they look fantastic in the shelves. About Otis, LOL, I have already witten here, he is the star of this blog!!!!!!
lots of mini hugs

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Gorgeous goodies! Much better than an envelope full of melted chocolate, lol! The printies are fantastic!