Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I think he needs his own blog!!

I thought by getting rid of the kids for I week, I'd be able to get some things done around here....but I was ever so Wrong!! Next time the kiddos go to Grandma's...they're taking Otis with them!!!

Otis has insisted on laying in the kitchen cabinet this week!! NO! I do not allow this, he just does it!! And he's so cute....I can't stay mad for long....

But I don't get it....How in the world is this cozy?? BTW: You can see where his head is in the first picture!
Just imagine, opening up your cabinets everyday to this:

And it doesn't help to fill the cabinet so full that he can't get in there, Cause he just comes along and pushes things out!!! I've lost my Crock-pot, my George Foreman Grill, a plate...mind you a plastic plate that has been in my family forever......and a shot glass from Montana that I have yet to tell the bf about (shhhhhh!)...... And this has just been in the last week!!!
I tried rubber banding the whole thing shut.......and that didn't work....then I tapped it shut! And I'd swear that cat sat and watched me so closely that when I left the kitchen....he pulled the tape right off!!

When I opened the cabinet this time, I was a little confused as to how he was laying. Just look at his feet in the picture above......not to mention his tail is looped backwards!! In the next picture, I backed up a little so you could see how he's sleeping....

Of course at this point he woke up, and did his "I'm so cute" roll-over move! NO! He's not cute!!! He's a very naughty kitty!!!

Saturday....I heard my daughter say...."Mom, You just gotta come see this...Your not going to like it, but it's sooooo funny!" ...........And No! I wasn't happy....Actually I was down right mad! I put all that extra crap in that house so he'd stay out of it, there's something about that cork floor that is sooooo inviting to him! I finally had to turn the Skateshop around and am now forced to stare at an ugly box....Which makes me want to finish it, so maybe that's a good thing, lol!

Oh....And Miss Cora told me that I needed to crop this picture, so ya'll couldn't see my mess, lol....As you can see I didn't listen, LOL!! I love my mess!!!
And like the Skateshop wasn't comfortable enough, he thought he'd give my basket a try. Mind you this basket is over filled with all the little things that don't have a home around here, and the blue tote is the makeup I Never use....ok....maybe I use the eye liner every once in a while...but honestly I have no desire to paint my face, lol! .....I mean, really, Is this comfortable???

So........As you can see I haven't gotten much further on Marshmallow Manor. I got a coat of tan dry brushed onto the windows....

And frosted the house with a coat of Antique gold... I'm not really happy with it yet...I feel like it needs something....I wish I had left some room for some more timber around the base, I feel like it needs something dark at the bottom to ground it? Understand what I mean?
The opossum is still coming around. I still need to catch him, but we only see him at night, and I don't want him sitting in a cage all night worrying if the cats are going to eat him or not!
One more picture for the road, hehehe.....Thought I'd show you another of Otis's bad habit's~ Drinking from the toilet!! LOL, Yes, His front feet are in the toilet so he can get closer.....Drinking makes him nervous, even when he was little he constantly got water in his nose, and you'd hear him chocking and sneezing! I guess he feels safer drinking from here???
OK....I'm off to try and get something productive done......
That's if Otis will stay outta trouble!!


Mary said...

If your mom doesn't accept Otis for a week, then he's welcome at my place anytime ;-)

CA Verstraete said...

The house looks great!Why not just make a brown stone path and flower beds on a removable wood base?

The possum is cute. I like them and feel so bad when I see them killed by cars, but watch out. They can be dangerous. Put the food away and he'll probably leave. (I'll have to post some pics are most unwanted visitors we just had in our garage).

Otis is a troublemaker! Now you have to wash all those dishes. haa!

Kim said...

Oh Otis- I love your naughty little butt so much! One of my cats makes me turn the bathtub faucet on for her- at least he doesn't do that! She meows at me and runs to the bathtub- which means follow me and turn the water on! Now! I cannot believe some of the things that Otis finds comfortable. He is the goofiest! Thanks for my smiles this morning Katie!!!(and Otis the naughty cat)

Ara said...

woweeeee. That Otis is a character. Ever thought about writing a children's book series starring Otis the cat. I bet it'd be a hit!!! -ara

Caseymini said...

Poor missunderstood Otis! Katie, don't you know by now that you are living in Otis's house. You are the maid. He is the owner. He can do anything he wants! Now get in there and make him comfortable! He needs a pillow in the Corningware pot. It's too hard to sleep in otherwise.

Mookie has taken to sleeping in the brown paper bag full of garbage that I keep under the table where I work....What is the attraction? LOL

Ana Anselmo said...

This is so funny, Katie. When I finished to read the post, I have a big, big smile in my face! thanks for making me smile :):):)

Kathi said...

Otis is just too cute! Glad that he lives at your house and not mine!

A. Wright said...

I fail to see why you all don't understand how comfortable a caserole dish is for yer butt. Maybe, Otis is on to something here. :P

Mary said...

Katie, this might inflate Otis's ego some but in case you're interested, here's a neat link: http://fluffybricks.blogspot.com/

suzeeez said...

Hmmmm ..... do you think Otis is just doing all of these crazy things just to get more attention from you??? If he is then it's working....smart kitty. I love all your pictures ....he is such a clown.
:o) Sue

MiniKat said...

I think he needs his own blog too! ;-)

What if you put some vine-y flowers or something around the base of the house?

Lirael said...

Otis is a cutie!! Incredibly naughty boy, but with such a sweet face :) He must be a handful of fun every day!

Shelley Noble said...

Otis = funnest cat ever!

What a funny fellow! So smart!

That cottage looks great! If you haven't heard of Walnut ink, I use it for absolutely everything to give a perfect dimension and depth of color. It just makes everything look real and like a wet stone.

I won't invade your blog with a liink but it's easy to find online, stamp shops, or good art supply shops.

I buy the crystals and dilute it to what I need, weak for yellowing paper, nearly full strength for aging stone, etc.

See ya!