Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Actual Minis Today!! LOL

Figured I better get in here and post about some minis or I might lose ya'll, lol! Here's a few things I've been working to speak.

First are the Jugs from Marlies blog. You can find the pattern here: .......You know, we've all got it...The Jug Bug, hehehe....So here's my take on it. I took a piece of scrap booking paper....this particular one had The Little Mermaid on I scanned it onto the computer......shrank it down to about 2 inches by 3 inches, Printed it out...Then traced the pattern onto it.....I really should of used a pencil to do this, so I could of erased those horrid lines!! Either's still cute! You'll get overwhelmed with all those different kinds of scrapbook paper to choose from!!

And, I, like many of you couldn't stop at one!! LOL....Well just say that majority of them I can't post online, because I had one of you in mind when making it!! What!?! You go take a look at Your scrapbook paper, and see if it doesn't happen to you! You'll go this one reminds of 'so and so'....and this one makes me think of this house that that person is building!! Just watch , it will happen!! LOL!!! So, here's a few that I made for us... Working from left to right....The first one is the classic picture of the little girl praying in her bed with her puppy and kitten. The second one is Mickey ears~ How cute is that?? Next is one with pink flowers for Katie's Corner....And a purple one with a dragonfly for Me.....and then there's The Little Mermaid one...not sure where she's going yet? I just liked her:)

Next we have something I dug out of the trash at my son's doctor appt the other day....It was laying on top....So it was fair game!! I think these are what the vials of medicine come in...But as soon as I saw them...I saw shelves! Imagine them coated with that spray stone and hung in the Star Wars Toystore!!

Jabba thought he'd show you what I mean......Look Sans!! Even he has a hookah!!! LOL

And last we have my updated sketch for Cora's bed. I was going for a Gothic look and think I got an 'India' Look!!! LOL, think I've watched the Karma Sutra Movie too many times, haha.....Hopefully once I get it into the clay, it will look more like hand carved stone....with a Medieval touch to it, LOL!!
So, that's about it for now......I have a really busy weekend coming up, so I may not be around till next week! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!! :)
Until Next Time.....


MiniKat said...

The jugs are really cute. I know once I make one it will be like potato chips. ;-)

The headboard design is really cool. You should file it away for another time if you don't use it now. :-)

Can't wait to see the shelves when they're done.

rosanna said...

it really is a bug!Lovely and handsome bed have a nice day

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Love all the jugs. I think I've made about 50 now! Liberty loves the Ariel one!
You might find some more gothic inspiration in the Gothic Tower, Moulin Rouge. Look forward to seeing the result!

Mary said...

I've been wanting to try out those jug patterns for the longest time, but I haven't decided what paper to use or what scene to put them in! Yours look great!

Debbie said...

Every one has the Jug Bug LOL! I'm about the only one who hasn't made any yet.
You won't lose me Katie, I love looking at your pictures of all the critters..
Really looking forward to seeing your Gothic bed. xxxx

A. Wright said...

How fun! These just seem like too much fun and everyone's have turned out great, they are definitely on my to do list.

See you soon, and have a good weekend

kimsminiatures said...

I Love the jugs! I have been wanting to try them too! Soon I hope. Yours look wonderful. Mini hugs!

Sans! said...

The Indian look is so universal , it is no wonder. Love all the things you made and salvage and that Jabba with his hookah is priceless! I can watch kama Sutra a million times and never tire of its beauty..go watch Jodhaa Akbar next if you can lay your hands on it. The palace scenes are just fab and the music is good too.

marlies said...

I am sorry it took so long for me to come to see your jugs. They look great, its a great idea to use scrap booking paper! The one with the mermaid is my favorite!
Love your sketch of the bed!
* marlies