Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking the Kiddos to camp: Part One

Every year my 2 oldest kids go to camp in West Virginia. It's a special camp for kids with Asthma....and this is their 3rd year!! On the way up, I always make sure to find all the neat places to stop.....this makes the drive seem quicker when you can take time to get out of the car and stretch for an hour or 2!

Our first stop this year was at Sandstone Falls. I'm obsessed with waterfalls, so whenever I can squeeze one in, I do! And this is definitely one I want to go back to!! The best part...It was free:)

Walking down the boardwalk, the first stop is Beautiful! If you look out there you can see beaver damns~ You should be able to click on all these pictures to make them bigger!

You have to keep walking all the way down the trail to get to the falls. AND WOW!!! I could stay here forever!! Honestly I could....Just pull my trailer right up over there on that hill and I'd be a damn Happy Girl:)

I liked how you could walk out on the rocks...Here's the bf and Drew investigating....

And Cora and the bf talking a walk....
I had to lie down on the rocks to get this picture~ Always remember your angles!! LOL

...the bf really enjoyed this place, too! He explored everything!!

...and the kids just followed along!

....and You know they Just had to stick their feet in!

But than again....so did I!!

LMAO!!! And as usual, my Oldest 'fell' in.......I told them kids those rocks were slippery!! LOL~ He's got his head turned cause he's laughing so hard!!

After we left the river.....We headed for our hotel for a good nights rest! The next morning....Our first stop was at The New River Gorge Bridge. It's the second longest steel-arch bridge in the world.....and the biggest in the Western Hemisphere! There's a visitor center, where you can get out for a better view.....and Guess what? It's free, too!! Hehe...you seeing a trend here:)
At the visitor center, you can walk down a million set of stairs for a better view....

...and look down into the valley!! It really is pretty in West Va!!

We dropped the kids of at camp after lunch.......This year they were doing a Western theme.
We got them signed in, and then it was time to leave....I always feel so weird just 'leaving' them there....Camp itself is about 8 hours away from our house....and it just makes me feel like I'm abandoning them!! They'll stay for the week, and Grandma will be picking them up for me! My youngest is with her now to spend a week alone with 'Grandma and Grandpa':)!!

After we left camp.....Me and the bf headed for the loony bin! LOL....Seriously we did!!! I will be back later with another blog about that trip.....I took so many pictures, I'm still deciding on which ones to overwhelm you with:) There's lots of inspiration pics for old haunted places:)

Until Next Time:)


Ara said...

Wow!! The waterfall was beautiful!!!! I remember my parents finding those off road stops on all our trips. Except they were obsessed with caves instead of waterfalls :) Hope your kiddos have a good time at camp! -ara

Sans! said...

Katie, I enjoyed the journey as much as you did! Thank you for sharing. I too love waterfall and always thought good, I want to swim in it but always always, the water is too cold. I am used to warm sea in my part of the world :). I want to go to the loony bin next so post soon :)!

Kim said...

Katie- I love these pictures! My fave is the one where you can see the beaver dams- Wow! Hope the kids have fun at camp---looking forward to the loony bin pics!

Caseymini said...

Beautiful photos Katie! Now about that loony bin, where do we sign up for the tour and are you sure that we will be able to leave afterwords??? LOL

A. Wright said...

What a fantastic spot, your shots are super. I love dipping my toes in the cool water on a warm supper day. Nothing beats that :D

Thanks for sharing

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie
I also love waterfalls! The water was very cold! I would love to do the same that did your son....LOL
Finally I am on holidays, 3 weeks from today :):):)
hugs for everybody