Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They're back.....

So....Otis was kind enough to wake me up at 6 this morning for his breakfast! He's very demanding and as soon as the sun comes up, He's up.....and ready to Eat! So, I got up....and went outside to call in the other kitties...As usual Rufus and Pocus were sitting at the door...But JD was MIA...So I walked out to the street and saw D staring at something.......I looked over and realized it was the kittens.....So I brought D inside and feed my cats...........And grabbed some food for the outside kitties on my way back out! That's Momma kitty looking at us.....Poor thing~ She's so tiny!! And look at how big her babies have gotten, They're almost as big as she is! If I sit real still they Will come up to me, But I can't even breathe, or they run away!

As you can see, she still has all 5 of them....In the bottom pic the black one is missing, But he came out as soon as he realized there was food~ he's in the first picture. Hopefully I can make friends with them long enough to try and catch them.....Right now, I'm still trying to keep them around with that Tuna!! Nooooo! They're not going to stay here.....I want to find somewhere that will find good homes for them. They're going to need to be socialized, but I think it will work....I need a really big trap or something! Hmmmm??

And as for my Kitties.....Otis thought he'd check out this shopping bag and has his head through the handle.....No, He's not been drinking....that's Daddy's beer.

lol.....And Grandma will be happy to know that Otis is still keeping a good watch over the kids camp towels!! Dang-on Otis!! Now I got to rewash them all before I can pack them~ He has Cat hair everywhere!!!!

And last but Not least we have Pocus.......She getting really bad about this!!! She does it to the other cats all the time, She'll just stroll over to the food bowl and use her head to push out whatever kitty is in the bowl...but when she did it to Drew yesterday, I had to laugh!! Poor fella was trying to drink his milk, and she thought she'd help!!! LMAO~ She has her whole head shoved in there!! Hahaha

Silly Kitties!!!

Hopefully I'll be back later with my new, improved sketch of the headboard!
See ya soon:)


MiniKat said...

What would life be like without cats? Less hairy and much more boring. ;-)

Jo Raines said...

What wonderful kitties! We've been letting our poor old lady cat, Priss, inside some and this winter I may have to see if she'll use a litter box--if DH will allow it. She's 15 and getting a bit bony. I love cats but DH's family were dog people. But he is a cat person whether he thinks so or not!


Lirael said...

Good thing you wrote that the cat facing the camera is the mother! She is so petite, I didn't recognize her as being an adult. She's probably so happy you're helping her feed her babies, poor thing. Hurray for you :)