Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's get down to business....

There's lot to catch up on!! I do apologize for being so behind:)

So in no particular order, Here Goes:

First, I want to thank Doreen from for the beautiful Bird book I received in the mail!! She also sent me a mini Christmas book and a mini bag of chips! Enclosed was also a beautiful letter that was very touching! It's friends like her that keep me loving blogland!!! :)

Next....Is a cake I bought from Rachel!! You can find the link here: The cake at the top of the post is the one I bought
I LOVE my cake!! What could be more perfect than a cat cake with pink flowers!! I don't normally get the chance to purchase anything from anyone, so it was nice to get my hands on this little gem! Thanks again Rachel!!

Next I wanted to tell you about an artist named Shelley Noble that has a lot of interesting tricks up her sleeve! I've been following her blog,, for a little while now.....And finally got the chance to talk with her, and asked her if I could post her link here! Shelley has some of the neatest ideas......and it just makes me think of ya'll! When you get a chance, Please check out her page....and don't forget to read about the fish she needs!! **Calling all Artists!! Shelley's looking for fish for her films......I Know ya'll can get creative with this....just scroll down the right side of her page and you will see where she talks about it! It's really neat!!!

Ok.... and before I forgot...a few of you asked if the tiles I used yesterday were ones I made....and they are. They're made from a mokume gane cane that I just rolled out and cut into little squares!! As soon as I get a little extra money, I'm going to try some grout.....maybe, still thinking on it, lol!

I also wanted to talk about Musicals, too, for a minute. I grew up in Wales, and my parents used to take the train into London for shopping and a show. My favorite one Every was Starlight Express!! Tara and I were talking about it recently and I wanted to talk about it some more. This was the neatest show I have ever seen. Everyone in the play is some kind of train, and everyone is on roller skates. I remember the energy in there...and the colors, 'steampunkish' if you will....but what I remember the most was the glass stage that dropped down over the audience, so the actors could skate over top of us! So unbelievable that I ask myself now if it really happened the way I remembered it?? LOL.....But it was shows like this, and movies that my Mother used to watch that has given me this great love of musicals and dancing. Tara said to me in a comment the other day: "I think you should be in that Katie! I think full time rehearsals and 4 night showings would be good for you! Next life I encourage you to audition." And I had to laugh......In a former life I do feel like I was some kind of dancer! But in this life, someone forgot to give me Rhythm, and gave me a paint brush instead!! From watching shows to watching movies (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to Dirty Dancing to the Moulin Rouge).....I love a good musical!!!!

OK....I think that's it for now....I still have to come back and get to the blog awards.....But for now those sites I gave you should keep you busy!!
Until Next Time:)


Mary said...

My mom and I are crazy about musicals. My favorite musical on DVD is "My Fair Lady." I just love Prof. Higgins' attitude and character!

Come to think of it, I love all types of performing arts...right behind musicals, I love plays next.

Anonymous said...

SEven Brides for Seven Brothers was one of my most favorite movies. I watched over and over again. LOL

Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Katie my dear, Please come visit my blog! There's a surprise waiting for you!

Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Oops! Thanks for correcting me! LOL! Give my love to Cora! Hee Hee! Maybe we should watch the movie together on the phone! LOL!

MiniKat said...

Ah musicals... They are like candy. Love 'em! :-)