Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the award goes to....

WoW! When I signed in this morning, I had not one, but Two blog awards awaiting me:)

Thanks for The Kreativ Blogger Award Casey and De! You can read Casey's Blog at and De's at

Thanks again Ladies!!

With this award you have to list 7 things you love and award this award to 7 other people.....

So here goes.........

7 things I love......

1. My family.....Yes, all of them!

2. My cats

3. Bagels and cream you guess what I'm eating for breakfast??

4. Movies...Disney, Horror...and everything in between! (Currently watching Dirty Dancing!!)

5. Crayons and colored pencils.....I just love coloring!

6. A nice warm cozy bed and a good nights sleep...What? I can wish right!

7. My garden...full of Day Lilies!!

And now for 7 blogs to award the Kreativ Blogger Award to....

1. Chris

2. Tara

3. Mercedes

4. Jody

5. Nikki

6. Debbie from

7. Doreen from

Thanks again for the award...I hope you all enjoy yours!

1 comment:

Liberty Biberty said...

Thank you Katie!
I like bagels and cream cheese with strawberry jam but here they're only a special treat, bagels are very expensive and I've been known to just eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner, when I have them in the house! (and I don't like having to share them with the kids!)